• Chemicals
    UnbalancedI walk down the stepsand smell all of yourchemicals.I want a taste. UnraveledI walk up the pathand think of all of mychemicals –mine to displace. UntouchedI hover, tracing the fleshthat begs to be pure again –the chemicals –seep and surface. UncompromisingI smother the feelings.It’s my turn to bechemical.Your toxic waste.More
  • Traces
    Splitting and runninga thick, cold, restorative path –Lead me out of here.Twist and turn and falland drip to remind me of even your abandonment. Solidify and then crackfor me to pick and peel awaylike a childBecome a stubborn stainso I realize the fun has endedand it all begins again. Grazing, scratching, seeingyou is all I…More
  • Migraine.
    Your timing, forever,inconveniently painfulYour lighting, fueledby your 90 proof breath. It goes awayAnd I always remember itas tolerable –mended by sleepuntil it comes back. Like a migrainethat I invited inside my stupid fucking skull.More