• Migraine.
    Your timing, forever,inconveniently painfulYour lighting, fueledby your 90 proof breath. It goes awayAnd I always remember itas tolerable –mended by sleepuntil it comes back. Like a migrainethat I invited inside my stupid fucking skull.More
  • Instincts.
    All I’ve learnedwhile living to survivehas left me coldand difficult to revive.The tools I’ve been givenare now simply weaponsto cut down the unknowing –but they’re my only possessions.I want to live precisely –to fit in with those I see.I want to play nicelyand to let goodness bebut every time I tryto behave as I shouldmy…More
  • Working Man
    So strong, so noble.Day in and day outexhausted, you goto work tirelessly at yourthankless jobso your girls at home canhave a roof, food, clothing…what would we do without you? Early morning rushclock in and take everyone’s load.You sweat, sometimesyou even bleedfor hours, hours,all to find welcomingas you walk in the front door.Finally, it’s paid off,…More