• Nothing
    I want to grind her down thin, like the wispy girl she is inside. Keep grinding to common noun: a thing with no name until it is found and given a proper name owned by the devoid deafeningly silent nothing forgetting how she was she loaned prodded for feeling bloated by man nature the local…More
  • Blow it Away
    Dusty remnants scented with love and your expectations of me to blow them away – Dusty nothings – collecting over time; replaced more quickly than I can blow. I think you just like watching me work – keeping up with the mess, inhaling, exhaling it all away – relief. Panic. Red, flustered, cheeks Burning for…More
  • Losing You Twice.
    I grieved you once; it took me years. You held my heart more than anyone ever had, and showed me a life I never knew I wanted. You gave me our daughter. The most perfect girl who I’ll never deserve; she is the only one who could show me a love greater than one I…More