Everyone Leaves & All Things Good are Fleeting – Journal Entry

Everyone leaves.
All things good are fleeting.
These things, I tell myself, are toxic thoughts; but, they have proven true again and again.

I have learned that to be good to yourself, you must:
– Trust less.
– Learn to restrain hope and expectations.
– Understand that endorphin release comes from many places; utilize the ones you can control yourself and be weary of the events controlled by others.
– Recognize that riding the spiral will erase all progress.
– Rely on yourself above all others.
– Know that fear is your friend – pain is growth.
– Have a back-up plan, always.
– Know your exits along with your limits.
– Stop giving yourself away – to anyone.

I want to be the one who leaves. But I would not be me without empathy – without unconditional, whole-hearted love for other beings.
I don’t want to be me.
I don’t want to love.

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