Dark Cloud

When the dark cloud comes
It’s all I can see
Everything in my past
Is only dark and cloudy
My dark cloud talks
And tells me there is no light
It analyzes my walks
And assures me I’m not alright

My dark cloud looms
And builds into a storm
It takes no prisoners
And has perfect form
It eats me alive
Starting in my throat
Taking every piece of me
Making me its host

The dark cloud is forceful
in reminding me I’m his
He is never remorseful
He decides who lives
My dark cloud tells me
I deserve to die
But I know it’s just the dark cloud
Selling me his lie.

This dark cloud is convincing
Showing me images of myself
I become him without wincing
My home becomes his hell
I look into eyes
And feel nothing, see no one
He is my disguise
I am nothing, I am no one.

In bed with my dark cloud
He becomes my selfish lover
Strong and well-endowed
I sleep, but he stays to hover
He shows me what I know
But this sleep, it knows me better
It’s time for dark cloud to go
And I wake to better weather.

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