Waiting Room

Stiff legged strangers
Trash TV
No eye contact, no dangers
Hey, they got here after me

Out of powdered creamer
coffee charred and weak
Why’d I even get any
This magazine – musty and bleak

What brought you here
It would be interesting to ask
But the rules are very clear
No talking, try to relax

Smells of metal, smells of –
oh, they called me.


How can the sun shine so brightly
When so much darkness thrives?
Catapulted sickness engulfs, devours,
and suffocates such bright little lives.
Yet, the sun still fucking shines.


Paint my body
like the sky
Fractures of only
the littlest light
Submerge me
In blacks and blues –
successions of
threes and twos
& before me stand,
eyes pinned down,
Hand firm, still,
Sadistic, disappointed, frown.
Fill my soul, spaciously,
siphon the air from it’s
vacancy, and then.

Morning Alarm

Cold, Bitter, Mute
Why Me
Why Today

Let me go back
To a lack of accountability
Too selfish
For control today

Wake up and smile
You foolish, foolish, child.
Get dressed and lose the entitlement
You have more than you’ll ever be able to see.

Guilt, Regret, Pain
Lead me through the day
With an eager heart, ready
To see, to feel, and step over the decay

Silence – let’s try again
Caffeinate & relish in the gift
that wasn’t earned, but given
with purpose.

Good Morning, bright smiles.
Swallowing sleep and moving onward
Shove it down, greet the festering

Good Morning.

Wholly Holey

Rosy Pink Streamers
flowing from your fingertips
Tracing Blemishes of Today
kissing them goodnight.

Stricken & Angry Body Bags
hanging from your weary arms
Holding Them Low & Mercilessly
bidding them goodnight.

Soft & Sweet Sunrises
timidly coaxing innocents
Placing Them With Pretense
agreeably masking all the stifled.

Painstaking Choices of Tungsten
boxed in souls that are bare
Created Only For Another
all that’s righteous must too be fair.

Exorbitant, Expired, Shuffled Dirt
for causes both definite and dignified
Doing Them In How You See Fit
god Forbid your name be vilified

Woman – Child – Woman

I am not
Think about it a minute.

Just Lost.
Picked up again and again
Searching for a home between bed sheets and slips of tongue.

I see her
Lost in a moment of seeing herself.
Not to judge, but to be.

Young Girl
I’m so sorry.
You never had the chance to be
No one taught you anything
although I think you knew better.

Young Girl:
A woman’s mind
Embodied by a child
Pleading for comfort
Pressurizing the mind into regression.

Lost inside herself
I can’t be you
Come out and say the words
Before my mind progresses again.

I see you
I know you as no one ever will
Stay still
I’ll give you every word you’ll never need.

Child – Young Girl – Child
Even when you’re gone,
Stay still inside.
You will love you.
You will not stay still.
Your will, will, will
Better keep you
from woman – child – woman.

I love you the most.


Twenty Degrees:
the shape of it relieves.
Acutely stretching
the arm it retrieves.

Twenty Degrees
is all I gave you;
It’s all you needed
to feel me and take me, too.

Twenty Degrees –
Ligaments and all.
You took so much,
yet, I doubt you recall.

Twenty Degrees
opposing your obtuse reach.
Answering my cue for more, no,
never a need to beseech.

Twenty Degrees
I wish we were talking weather,
and that I could look you in the eyes
to say it’s been unseasonable, as I gouge the lifeless shits out of your empty fucking skull.


I’ve got it all
right underneath my fingernails.
I can see it – feel it.
Everything in and around it all pales
to the grime that will soon wash away.

It will all go,
but, it’s nice to see the other side.
Colliding lives once again
Maybe one day you’ll see I tried
to do anything at all other than, well, try.

I won’t say I’m a shell;
I’m quite the opposite, really.
Transparent as far as I have chosen
Until vision reaches the stagnant cramp that is

Back to the grime underneath my fingernails.
I think I’ll keep it there.

I’d Rather You

I dream of drowning
But not by choice
Circumstances surrounding
Me, taking my voice

Don’t blame me for not trying
Anymore. You didn’t see it.

I never once gave up
Beyond myself I chose internal hemorrhaging
Up to transfusion, to start it all again.

For all of you.
You’d never leave me to die.
I’m not sure who’s more selfish,
or which I’d rather you:
Relent or rely
on me, you can’t pick both.



Take me with you.
Feel my darkness.
Listen to the organ repertoire
and the nothingness in between the keys.

Take me with you.
Feel the cold wind
violating your cheeks.
This feeling is forever with me by your side.

Take me with you.
Decide if I’m worth losing your precious breath.
Mine? It’s already been taken.
Feel what it’s like to live breathlessly…

but you – you won’t be alone.

Take me with you.
Let me rest from the current
that’s pulled me to, from, to exhaustion.

I’m not dead yet.