Come forth, wash away.
Recede; good riddance.
Come forth, take away
my essence – whole –
Good riddance.

Break and then swallow,
suspend; inundate.
Stalk, follow,
Swallow me – flood.

Piercing, glacial.
Buoyed to a tepid relief.
Dismantled back, a spatial abyss
confining me here,
refining stoic fear.
Frigid, bitter, sheer.
Wash me; clear.

Captivating Is

Captivating is
the time that passes
leaving you lost, unwhole.

Captivating is
the pain that engulfs you
from words alone.

Captivating are
the eyes of the mourning
gasping for every piece left of the lost.

Captivating is
the brokenness of a soul
put back together – or not.

Captivating is
listening to the world around you
and realizing
everything means nothing, but nothing, is.